"Hoglan, is he a man or machine? This guy is pretty fucking incredible and adds a lot to this record."    — Sam Dunn, on Testament's album Brotherhood of the Snake
"Gene has worked with so many different bands, he already has a huge heritage in music, a huge legacy. The integrity of his drumming, and his heart, and just the way this guy is, is just amazing to me. He's cutting edge, he's vitally important to drumming, modern metal, and to drummers and students, period."   — Bill Ward
"Gene is well known for his very impressive double kick drum rhythms, and his amazingly creative drum arrangements including the use of some unusual objects for percussive effect. His playing is highly technical, accurate, and extremely fast earning the nickname "The Atomic Clock."
"Hoglan has one of the most impressive resumes in heavy metal dating back to the early 1980's including DARK ANGEL, TESTAMENT, DEATH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD."    — Sick Drummer Magazine
"Gene fucking Hoglan is being Gene fucking Hoglan on the drums."    —
"This man has one of the heaviest sounding drum sounds of all time... some of the most intense piece of drumming I've ever heard."    —
"The intensity of Hoglan's drumming is buttressed by the constancy and accuracy of his ferocious double kick rhythms, executed to blistering tempos."    —
"Gene Hoglan's kick drums blast through in furious, amazingly accurate 32nd-note flurries."
   — Modern Drummer (SYL Interview 2005)
"Known for his incredibly tight, playing, Hoglan remarkably always maintains a Zen-like composure behind his kit."    —
"Drummer extraordinaire!"    —
"Drumming maestro!"    — Metal Hammer (UK)
"Mesmerizing skin work!"    —
   — 'Best Recorded Performance' for DETHKLOK's "DETHALBUM II"' for their 2011 ballot.
   — Nominated as Best Drummer in Revolver Mag's 2010 Reader's Poll.
   — Gene is endorsed by Pearl Drums. Sabian Cymbals, Promark Sticks and Evans Heads