My sister, Lisa, is the driving force behind HOGLAN INDUSTRIES. Sure, I play the drums; but without her, nothing else would get done. When you write to me, she usually reminds me to respond. When you buy any of my items, she's the one who packages the orders. She takes care of all of my responsibilities, and I know that if I need something, she will make certain it happens. She drew my chain logo, too!

Back in the 80s, she made backdrops for many of the now-famous bands (including Slayer), so I had her make the ones for Dark Angel and Strapping Young Lad "City" era, too. She painted the SYL logo on my boots and a really cool shirt that got stolen right away. Boo. A few of you bought glass tiles with the SYL logo that she made a few years back. During the 80s and 90s, she was also famous worldwide as an award-winning acrylic-nail specialist, with 47 awards for excellence. She used to paint little images on my nails for fun, and would sculpt the SYL logo in colored acrylics on her own nails when SYL would come to town.

In the 70s, Lisa would want to go to a concert, but Mom wouldn't let her go without me. Jeez, even then I was a tumor. That was in the day when concert venues were more liberal about cameras and audio recorders, so we would sneak in a cassette recorder to tape some of the big shows like Queen and Angel. This is also where Lisa got her start as a photographer. She used to have all these incredible shots of the huge groups of the time, but they all got stolen in 1981, along with her camera. She got another camera in 1984, just in time to start photographing me in Dark Angel. For a good chunk of that ’81-‘83/4 stretch, Mom wouldn’t let me go to a concert without Lisa, so she would bring along her camera to all the shows. Who knew then that her early shots of bands such as Slayer, Savage Grace, Exodus, Possessed, etc, were history in the making?

Lisa grew up with a love of dance and a penchant for little brother-torture, and became a fixture at The Rainbow (you can still see a photo of her on their famous entry wall of photos). Her love of bellydance grew, and it became apparent that bellydancers were much more difficult to photograph. A famous bellydancer once asked Lisa to try videotaping her performance instead of photographing it. A few weeks later, Lisa was on a plane to Dallas to tape a bellydance show, and little did we know that would launch another career for her. Now she is in demand for her all-encompassing skills as videographer, editor, and graphic designer. She contributed to SYL's "For Those Aboot to Rock" DVD (all the close-ups of ME), and designed the disc label for my "Atomic Clock" DVD. In fact, she handcrafts the current version herself, from burning the content and labels to trimming each cover and insert to fit the cases. Yup, I keep her busy. She works real hard for me for real cheap, hence this blatant plug. Check out LisaHoglan.com if you like. Her work for me is pretty damned priceless I gotta tell ya, and I can hear her agreeing with me as I write this - "Yeah Gene, you don’t pay me SQUAT!"

There isn't much my sister can't do. If there is something needing a skill she doesn't yet have, she will take classes or read up on how to do it, then practice until she's really good at it —which usually isn't long. She truly is the talented one in this family.

Just so you know, when you write to genemerch@aol.com, it's pretty much her with whom you are corresponding. Just so you know. Hey, I just fund the company, it's not like I do anything for it. I'm the face, she's the fist. Thanks!